We’re implementing some new processes at Fedders which includes iPads for all superintendents.

Accurately tracking employees is a crucial part of doing business and the key to optimal service for our clients. As a one-year old company, discovering and applying efficient processes is the name of the game.

Why does Employee Tracking Matter?

In construction, the work of an employee — a carpenter, a laborer, a superintendent, etc. — is charged to the specific project they work on. Their time spent on the job, work completed and type of materials used is key information that needs to be reported internally and externally. As our company rapidly expands, through our employees and projects we take on, our processes must evolve with the growth. Pencil and paper tracking systems are no longer accommodating to our needs. As a company, we’re taking on new technology to save time and improve accuracy. We’re looking forward to entering 2019 with the strength and advantage of adept systems and practices.