Fedders Construction Cultural Commitment

Proactive in lieu of Reactive
Be prepared in advance and be efficient with the time of others.

Work Hard
Work harder than everyone around you and be willing to jump in to help any team member.

Have Pride
Take ownership of what we do and make the tough decisions in the interest of our clients.

Creativity / Break It
Innovate by building effective systems that streamline activities, reduce risk,
increase efficiencies, and improve both the employer and client experience.

Do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Listen with your ears and eyes. Take the time to truly understand.

There is no better way to earn trust than to be true to your word. Be honest and tell it like it is in a direct and sincere manner. Respond to every concern in a timely manner.

Team Player
Check your ego at the door; advocate for the project’s/clients/team goals, not your own.

Legendary / Give More Than You Take
Share your knowledge, making the future better for others is a reason to exist.