Who is Albert Fedders?

Albert is a husband to Meghan, father to Luke and Wade and CEO of Fedders Construction. He's an ambitious, driven and successful business man who knows how to get things done in a one-of-a-kind industry. Here's a little about his story and how his venture in construction began.

How did you get into the construction industry?
Funny story – Career Day in high school I told my guidance counselor I wanted to be an architect. I visited my old soccer coach’s office who was an architect, and he talked me out of it. What I liked about architecture was the unique, problem solving piece of it. He told me I could easily find that in construction.

What do you enjoy most about working in construction?
The problem solving and receptiveness of the projects. Every project is unique, and we are coming up with solutions every day. Not to mention, we're exposed to all kinds of industries and companies from restaurants and offices to manufactures and concrete plants.

What drove you to start your own business?
My dad owned a company and was able to provide a great life for my family, never missing one of my soccer games (I played across the country). I ended up getting a BS in Accounting and BBA in Management with a focus in Marketing from the University of Kentucky to make sure I had a good base in all faucets of business.

What do you enjoy most about owning your own business?
The sense of accomplishment and strangely enough, I love the struggles as much as the successes. The struggles motivate me and keep my blood pumping.

What could you not live without?
My family is everything to me. There is no better feeling than coming home to my boys running to greet me and telling me about their day.

How do you manage a work-life balance?
Owning your own business, you get to pick the 20 hours a day you want to work and the 4 others. I pick my moments when to work, get up early or stay up late when the family is sleeping. The other nice thing is I can work completely mobile if needed.

What important lesson have you learned recently?
Live by the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. Fedders Construction does that by saying we and never I… We are a team from employees, to subcontractors, to vendors and all the way to our clients. We are only as strong as our weakest team member so we’re always trying to improve. Quote we love: “The day we stop learning is the day our business starts dying,” Albert Einstein.

What advice would you give to someone starting their own business?
Be ready for the ups and downs; always have a plan A, B and C. Hire the best talent you can find – they will better you and the whole team.

What are you looking forward to as Fedders Construction continues to grow?
I’m looking forward to establishing many, many more life-long relationships by creating communities, jobs, projects, buildings and friendships.